Leadership & Organisation - Who is in Control?


God's will for Israel was a Theocracy. He said to Samuel, 1 Samuel 8:7"...it is not you they have rejected, but they  have rejected me.....” I believe a key for us is the function of anointed Ministries. God reigned through such men as Moses and Joshua. Men without title but divinely appointed in place and ministry. When un-anointed priesthood took their place Israel revolted and designed a king - a man with a title - as other nations. With what effect?

In respect of the Church - Christ said He would build it. He did so and left behind His gifts to the Church for its growth and continuance. It is such a pity that in certain cases human selection has replaced Divine appointment, and human organisation  replaced the Holy Spirit, 

I recall Ian Andrews relating a prophetic  word God gave him in 1992 when God stated "I want my church back".  God wants his church back from the Apostles. Prophets, Pastors, Teachers etc.  Its His church and we have no rights to it. In no way do I decry these valuable God given ministries, however they must come under the authority and direction of the Holy Spirit.

It is my desire to not only see Holy Spirit demonstration, but also Holy Spirit organisation.