Guidelines when prophesying

Knowing the source of prophesy

I believe we can know the source of a Prophetic Word we are to share  before we even open our mouth. There are three sources from which prophecy  can come. They are:

1.  GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT:True,  general prophecy will always come in the framework of edification,  exhortation and comfort. It is given in the spirit of love and seeks to  build up rather than condemn or knock down. One needs to ask oneself before  prophesying: "Does this message build the people up according to the  Scriptural guidelines? Does it glorify Jesus Christ?" If you can answer  "yes" to those questions, then your word is of God. Bring it forth in the  inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

2.  THE SPIRIT OF MAN:Prophecy  that is "inspired" by the spirit of man does not edify, exhort or comfort.  It is negative and critical, often presented with an Old Testament style  threat of judgement if the hearers don't obey. We have every right to reject  that kind of prophecy.

3.  SATANIC: Satanically-inspired prophecy is subtle, deceptive, manipulative,  domineering and the opposite to the character and nature of God. It does not  edify, exhort or comfort the believer to get closer to Jesus Christ, but can  manipulate people to make major decisions hastily, thus causing wrong  decisions that take us out of the will of God. It can be "cold, heavy and  condemnatory," but also like "an angel of light" (2 Corinthians 11:14).  Satan will try and hide his true nature in the delivery of such. We need to  use the Gift of Discerning of Spirits so we can not only reject such  prophecies but also warn others against them when they come.

How do we prophesy?

When that Word of  Prophecy comes, it first comes into our spirit; then very quickly to our  mind where we understand the content of the message (the theme, words, etc.).  The anointing confirms we have "a word" to bring and therefore we look for  the right opportunity to share it publicly or individually 

  1. We  prophesy according to the measure of our faith(Romans  12:3, 6). Faith is required to make known those thoughts that have been silently  given to us by the Holy Spirit.
  2. We  prophesy by allowing our spirit to flow with the direction of the Holy  Spirit.
  3. Be very careful when prophesying from  knowledge that it is not your human spirit. Try to steer clear from  prophesying as it is better to make way for the Holy Spirit to use someone  else who does not have knowledge of the situation, and the recipient is  more likely to receive it. However there are occasions when this is right to prophecy  with knowledge when you know this is the Holy Spirit.
  • Don’t expand on what you have received from the spirit– because you don’t understand what you are giving - 1 Corinthians 13:9 (New International Version) 9For we know in part and we prophesy in part,
  • Be subject to the spirit don’t force yourself – Submit to those in authority.